Paralyzed From Disc Disease, Dog Recovers 100% with Acupuncture and Chiropractic!

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Fritz is one of our miracle dogs at Animal Holistic Care
Specialists. He is a 6 year old miniature Dachshund who became paralyzed in
March of 2009. Fritz’s Mom, Simone, brought him to see Dr. Dawn after he had
been unable to move his hind legs for 1 week.

The problem occurred suddenly. Fritz had not acted like
himself one day in late March, 2009. A visit to his primary veterinarian did
not turn up a specific problem. The following day Simone heard Fritz cry out
while he was outside and saw that he was dragging his hind legs. After another
exam and x-rays were performed by his primary Doctor, Simone learned that Fritz
was likely to have an intervertebral disk problem. Simone decided not to have
him evaluated by a specialist for possible back surgery.

When Dr. Dawn evaluated Fritz, he was unable to move his
hind legs, and he was unable to feel “deep pain” sensation. This means there
has been significant injury to the spinal cord. Fritz received an acupuncture
treatment to relieve muscle tension in the back, to reduce inflammation, and to
provide healthy stimulation to the damaged nerves in order to encourage
healing. Because Fritz was completely paralyzed he did not have pain sensation,
however many dogs with intervertebral disk problems are extremely painful and for
those dogs acupuncture provides pain relief. Fritz also received spinal
manipulation to release pressure on the disk and nerves in the area of injury.

After his first treatment Fritz was able to stand on his
hind legs if he was supported! Some strength and function had returned!

Fritz was treated weekly for 3 weeks in April, 2009 and he showed continued gradual
improvement. Fritz was also given the homeopathic supplements Traumeel and
Discus Compositum, and the Chinese herbal supplements Double PII and
Hindquarter Weakness. Simone was also very diligent in performing
rehabilitation exercises at home, and helping Fritz to swim in the bath tub!

By early May Fritz was able to walk, although he was still
wobbly on his hind legs. He had 3 visits on a monthly basis and by the end of
the summer he was walking normally! He still had trouble on stairs, but because
it was dangerous for him to go up and down stairs he was restricted from them
unless he was supported.

Fritz was back at Animal Holistic Care Specialists this
September for a spinal adjustment to keep promoting normal movement in the
joints of his spine to prevent another disk problem. He feels great! His hind
legs are very muscular and his gait is normal. Simone expressed how amazed and
happy she is that Fritz recovered from being paralyzed!

“…I am amazed at how well Fritz has done after the treatments he
received when he was paralyzed” Simone


This is an amazing story of good choices of treatment and great patience on the part of Fritz’s mom. Also, hard work on Fritz’s part to do what he had to do. There are a lot of heros in this story.

I've been using Traumeel for years – both in pill form as straight arnica and in the cream. I swear by it for bruises and injuries!

I have a five year old miniature dachshund who suffered paralysis two days ago. She can bear her own weight with assistance but can not control the movement of her legs. She is also able to vigorously wag her tail but does not appear to be able to control her bladder or bowels. She has her initial consultation with an acupuncturist tomorrow. I picked her up from my regular vet this evening and when they brought her to me I cried for her and she buried her face in my chest. She is generally good spirits even though not being able to run and chase everything that moves must be hard for her. I also intend to look into herbal remedies as preventitive maintanence for my other 8 dachshunds.

This story was encouraging- thanks!! Our beloved French Bulldog, Pete, just had a similar situation. We put him out to eat, brought him back in about an hour later and he was paralyzed in his hind legs. We had no idea what happened to cause this. It was shocking!! He’s currently being hospitalized at our vet’s office- he’s been there for 5 days now. Our worry is that he has no deep pain sensation; which ive read is a very bad sign… He is a candidate for surgery, but with the 50/50 chance of survival, recovery or lack there of, and cost- it’s not something we’re willing to explore. We’re at a loss. Our vet said a chiropractor wouldn’t risk working with our dog at this point. A close chiropractic friend (for humans) offered to look at him and see what he could do. It’s our last option as we worry about Pete’s quality of life if he doesn’t recover. He has no control over his bowels. He’s only 3… Just horribly heartbreaking. Our daughter has had Petey as her side kick for 2.5 years now- she is devastated… Maybe chiropractic work will help… This story brightened a dull light… Thanks!!



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