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Horsemanship Class Participants Have Galloped Into Learning! AHCS Offering Horse Lessons and Horse-Assisted Learning!

From Barrel Racing Patterns, to Noodle Ball (our own invention), to Roping,  to Dressage, Carol and Deanne have learned a lot! They are now able to saddle, lead, lunge, mount and play! All that horsing around has been a joy for all during this 5-week course. The last class coming this week will end in games […]

Saving Mustangs, Our Client Tracy Porter Gives Mustangs a Fighting Chance!

VIDEO CLICK HERE: Tracy Porter Rides Mini-Mouse through the Ring-Of-Fire! Have you ever seen a wild mustang two weeks after being rounded up in the wild, transported across the country and then in the hands of an expert horse trainer for less than two weeks? Well you MUST see this video of our client Tracy […]

Mustang Challenge “Mini Mouse” 4-Days From Her Wild Roots, Her Future Looks Bright

 Expert Horse Trainer, Tracy Porter sits on Wild Mustang “Mini Mouse” just four days after the Mustang was transported from the western united states to participate in a rescue program called “Extreme Mustang Makeover” featured at this year’s Midwest Horse Fair in Wisconsin. Horses like Mini Mouse are lucky to be rescued from an uncertain future […]


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