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Holistic Medicine goes to the dogs — and cats, horses, birds

Marshall — Balancing on three legs — one of her hind legs was amputated because of an injury — Olive basked under the agile fingers of Julie Kaufman, reveling in her chiropractic session at Animal Holistic Care Specialists.Two years ago, the long-haired mini dachshund’s remaining hind leg stopped moving. Because of their shape, it’s common […]

Certify in THE JOINTYOGA METHOD Basic 1 and 2 May 2016!

Have you always wanted to learn how to help your own animals and family? The JointYoga Method offers you the tools you’ll need to maintain your animal’s and family’s health at home everyday. Taught by veterinarians, chiropractors, and certified practitioners you’ll get the MOST out of your education: Acupressure Pain-free Joint Alignment Massage         […]

When a Lucky-Duck “Lefty” Went Right at the Chiropractor

                      When “Lefty” went Right! Normally at the chiropractor you don’t want to hear “QUACK”! Not so today when “Lefty” the lucky duck got to go to Animal Holistic Care Specialists for a chiropractic fix for his left-turning neck problem. “Lefty” was named such because […]