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When a Lucky-Duck “Lefty” Went Right at the Chiropractor

                      When “Lefty” went Right! Normally at the chiropractor you don’t want to hear “QUACK”! Not so today when “Lefty” the lucky duck got to go to Animal Holistic Care Specialists for a chiropractic fix for his left-turning neck problem. “Lefty” was named such because […]

Join us on MEETUP.COM for Classes and MORE!

We are now on to give you easy access to our calendar and events! Please sign up to be a member and you’ll automatically receive updates and information on classes at Animal Holistic Care Specialists!   Join our group and find out when and where you can attend a variety of holistic […]

The 4 Holistic Steps into YOUR Pain-Free Life: For People and Pets!

The 4 Holistic Steps to Your Pain-Free Life- For People AND Pets         By Dr. Julie Print Comment Feed Stumble it Digg it Facebook The 4 Holistic Steps to Your Pain-Free Life- For People AND Pets Please join us at the Marshall Public library 605 Waterloo Road, Marshall WI on Friday January 3rd, 2014 from 6:30pm-7:30pm  to […]